Bad Harvest/Trip Timing Luck

Well, so much for my plans for that skin-contact white.

I’m headed out on a trip at the exact time my grape source plans to harvest, so won’t be able to get the grapes from them. Looks like my other potential sources are only going to be harvesting reds by the time I return (if I’m lucky) as well.

But, no matter. If I can get my hands on any grapes, that’ll be a victory.

Bottling the Riesling Kit; Learning to Use Titrets

It’s blue

Bottling Day Arrives

This was the weekend.

A week ago, there was still too much gas still escaping from the Riesling kit I had started this spring. When I was checking again throughout this week, the bubbles accumulating on the edge were dissipating at a healthy rate. I figured with the two more rackings I had planned (which ended up being three) the degassing would be enough.

To SO2 or Not to SO2

I also bought a Titrets kit to test the free SO2. After all my handwringing about whether to add SO2 or to take the full no-additive route (I hadn’t added any of the kit-provided powders and solutions up until this point), I decided that I would only add SO2 at bottling and only to the level that it would still be accepted on the shelves of purists like The Punchdown over in Oakland (great place btw). That meant 20 parts per million (ppm).

That also meant that I needed to get a way to test the SO2. I bought a Titrets kit that measures the free SO2 in a sample. I had read about this and apparently there are far more accurate tests out there and this isn’t ideal for red wines (as I’d discover why later). But, it was the least expensive and promised to be easy to use, so I got it.

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