Grapes on the way

I’m back from my travels and, as expected, my narrow options for unpressed white grapes had withered on the vine (grape jokes!). But, I’ve put in an order for two hundred pounds of Petite Sirah from Oak Barrel Winecraft, that should be coming in this week.

So, that means it’s back to the drawing board for plans, but what I’m thinking right now is to give whole cluster fermentation a shot (provided the stems aren’t too janky). I’d like to keep it on the skins for longer than I did with the Zinfandel last year as well.

Other than that, I’m an open book. I don’t think I should rely on ambient yeast, since I don’t really know the origins of these grapes too well. Maybe I’ll give BM4x4 another try, or maybe I’ll give that D-47 a go, even though it’s typically used for whites. (I should probably get that test batch out of the closet!)

Anyway, good times ahead!

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