Wines I Like: Deux Punx Pinot Gris Rosé

I’ve now written about each of my previous winemaking efforts and previewed my plans for this season. So, I think it’s worthwhile to write a bit about the wine I like to drink. After all, if something I made were to measure up to what I like to drink, then I think it would be fair to say my hobby has been a success.

But, it’s not every day that I come across a wine that tickles my interest in the way that makes me say, “wow, I want to make something like this.” That’s not to say that don’t often drink wines quite like. I just don’t get that feeling from a lot of wines that I nonetheless really enjoy. I think it’s something different than pure enjoyment that triggers my winemaking desires So, what sets it apart?

Not sure I have an answer about that now, but I’m developing a sense of my tastes.  As I’ve written about before, Coturri Winery’s Red is one of those wines. It’s multi-layered tasting experience, the earthier aspects, or maybe it’s that in tasting it, I can sense the effort and artistry of the production as opposed to a wine that, while excellent, almost has a sense of amnesia.

I came across another one of those wines this week: Deux Punx’s Pinot Gris Rosé from McKenzie Mueller Vineyard. Once again, there was an almost earthy character in the background of the otherwise refreshing wine. But more importantly, it brought to mind that this wine had a history and didn’t spring fully formed into the world. It had been on a journey from vine, to grape, to cellar, to bottle.

So, nice work, Dan and Aaron.

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